Are you experiencing feelings of unworthiness, anxiety daily & feeling like you just don't "fit in"?

The Unplugged Goddess Membership 

Value $997 
Investment is just 

Let me guess..

You never feel pretty enough, cool enough, or worthy enough.

You go to a social outings and come home drained because you always feel like you are putting on this act to be able to "fit in".

You often think "ok tomorrow I'm going to show up for myself and prioritize me"...but tomorrow comes and you don't take any steps towards doing so and end up shaming yourself.

You find it difficult to connect with others or make friends because you just don't know how to be yourself.

You experience daily anxiety, burnout and constantly put yourself on the back burner. You want to develop a self care practice but you just don't know where to start. 

You look at yourself in the mirror, and you don't really love who you are. You just see another face. Nothing special. 

You want to explore your Spirituality but you are afraid of people judging you or thinking you are crazy.

You crave a soul tribe that just gets YOU. 

Sound familiar? The Unplugged Goddess Membership is the place for you!

"That embodiment exercise was amazing! I feel great. I feel like I can do anything and really believe in myself. I'm so thankful for this exercise!"
- Bri 
Unplugged Goddess Member

"Having the meditations at my fingertips 24hrs a day is so great. I can start my morning with one to set good intentions for my day, I can sit and play the 5 min Calm the Mind one when I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It's so nice to have tools to get through the day on my own. Don't sit on it you guys, make your life simpler, invest in yourself"
- Saraya
Unplugged Goddess Member

The Unplugged Goddess Membership ♡ 

Access our ultimate yoga and meditation healing library. These yoga flows are unlike anything you've experienced before! Kelsey uses her life coaching background and integrates her teachings into her flows to give you the boost of motivation that you NEED.
Experience monthly workshops from Kelsey that will transform your healing, deepen your self love and hype you TF up! *Special guests are also bound to join us from time to time 😉
Join the private Facebook group where you will be able to connect with your soul tribe. Kelsey will also be going LIVE in the group to give you inspo, motivation & just hang. 
Ever wish you could just have a night where you could unplug, do your face mask & chat with your soul sisters? Join the self care hang once a month where you'll be able to hang with Kelsey and your Goddess tribe.

Ready to cultivate a self care practice and experience a sisterhood like never before?

    Hey Goddess!

    You're here so it means that you're...
    - Sick of feeling insecure 
    - Ready to feel confident & show up as your authentic self
    - Craving Deep Healing so you can awaken to the magic that is inside of you
    - Ready to cultivate a self care practice, deepen your Spirituality and find your soul tribe

    5 years ago, Kelsey started her healing and self love journey. She has experienced heartbreak, loss, feelings of unworthiness, feeling like an outcast and just never felt like she "fit in" growing up. She knew that there were so many other women out there who were experiencing the same struggles that she was. 

    This was what sparked her interest in the coaching industry. She knew she wanted to help women achieve more, see their worth, feel confident in their skin and love themselves for all that they are!

    This is a space for women to:
    - connect with their soul tribes
    - develop a yoga practice to feel more connected to themselves
    - tap into their Spirituality (without judgement) 
    - and feel seen for who they really are

    Because no one else is doing this for you! So, Kelsey has created it here in the Unplugged Goddess Membership. 

    This is space for you to come and UNPLUG from the day, gain inspiration, cultivate self love and healing...and do it all with your soul sister tribe! 

    Your light gets to shine! You get to be seen and loved here! 

    See you on the inside,

    Kels ♡

"I love how connected I feel to Kelsey throughout this membership. Her videos are so authentic and encouraging. Thank you Kelsey!"
- Haley
Unplugged Goddess Member

Listen to what Kelsey's clients are saying...

"After working with Kelsey I have been able to show up more confidently in my own purpose, navigate the ups & downs and have been able to find my own voice..." - Emily

"Kelsey was able to access parts of ourselves that allowed us to get vulnerable, open and release in a very deep way.." - Lexi

“One week I was crying hysterically, the next week I was energized, motivated & finally out of my own way.." - Shay

All of this! For just $55.55/month 🤯 

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Awaken Life Coaching, Inc.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

 Leap Yoga, Folsom, CA


I work a full time job - will I have time for this?
Yes! You can make the membership work into your busy schedule, this is made for you to be able to do on your own time! If you can't make our workshops our self care hangs live, the replay will be available to you. As long as you make healing one of your priorities, you will be able to make it work. 
I'm really strapped for money - how do I make this work? 
Honestly, if you take a good look at what you are spending your money on each probably can see that you are spending well over $55.55 a month on Amazon or your weekly Starbucks. Imagine if you invested into something that is actually going to change your life and you finally had the sisterhood tribe you are craving.
What if I don't like the membership?
I have never had someone who has signed up and not benefit from all of the amazing perks inside. However, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Unplugged Goddess, LLC

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